Basic Portable

Basic Portable

Monz has recently taken over the distributorship and servicing of Coltri high pressure air and gas compressors. We can now offer sales and aftersales support of the Coltri product throughout NZ and the South Pacific.

For information on this product or other Coltri products, click here. For spare parts or servicing information, go to our Contact Us page to make further inquiries.


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Once you purchase one air compressor, you will be able to maintain clean and high-quality air. Our professionals guarantee this product can maintain optimal air purity while ensuring your safety. We strive to keep costs in check while making sure superior quality and performance. Whether you want compact portable, basic portable, or silent, there are many choices for you online. By investing in our High Pressure Air Compressor New Zealand, you can reduce costs and enjoy improved reliability. Count on us because we guarantee customer satisfaction and energy efficiency. You can have peace of mind that air compressors are powerful and never use excessive energy. What’s more, if you provide proper maintenance, you can lose your machine for a long time. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs. We will also offer technical and aftersales support for the products we deliver.